Here is a glimpse of our services that we offer to our clients.

Business Process Outsourcing Services

Own Manager has simplified the business process outsourcing with active involvement of experts from all over the world and provides client with best of the services for all the required needs as a back office. Our systems are equipped to handle a large volume of outsourcing work in most accurate manner. To be honest the process will work as simple and accurate.

Profile Designing & Forwarding

Own Manager serves you with the advanced option of business profile designing and forwarding. A well prepared business profile speaks out of your professionalism in business to the world. Our expert panel of profile designers helps you to have a best possible business profile online. This paid service also offers the opportunity of forwarding your profile to desired business activities.

Business Dashboard Management

Business dashboard helps each of our members to constantly update, manage, and review the online activities on their profile on almost all the business promotion websites & directories on their behalf. On the dashboard the Own Manager can edit the profile, review the visitor status and view and respond to the inquiries and remain informative and error-free always.

Emails & Mobile Alert

In the era of smart phones and applications, Own Manager helps you with the service of Email and Mobile alerts. You can contact all your clients and receive aspired alerts via email or mobile easily by using our advanced applications. This service makes you remain connected to the business world on 24/7 basis. We serve our clients from a-to-z being your own manager.

Sales & Purchase Management

To manage your sales and purchases with the available resources is easy for us, instead of suggesting you to manage your business with spending on each individual resource. We will generate database for your business and the tools to market your products & services. Own Manager will update your sales & purchase movements online.

Online Business Guidance

Own Manager opens the way to successful business by expert advice and guidance. We guide you through Video guidance, telephone conversation, free newsletters, FAQ guidance etc. in various business processes. Whatever be your business and issues, we provide solution to the mark of satisfaction. Our applications are designed to fit all the business related guidance.

Service Management

Even the services, provided by you, can be easily managed by our team experts in the way you wish. We respect the services provided by you to your clients and consider the effort to build a strong business for our clients. Practically our client feels the cost effectiveness in managing a service unit with us by enabling us to reduce your cost.

Accounts Management

Our experts will maintain your accounting records with accuracy and confidently. Clients trust us not only to maintain accounting records but also to present accurate financial position of the company. We come up with unique techniques to increase account performance. Wherever we find the losses and overspend, we provide possible suggestions to reduce the same.

Online Business Solution

Where ever you are operating your business, Own Manager online business solution will manage your business as your own manager. Our Offices are equipped with fastest internet and all the required tools to manage your business operating from anywhere of the world. Our services to clients are of a feel of your own office, with all facilities to run a business which can be operated online.